As part of a Top Gear comparison against the Lamborghini Urus, Top Gear took the RS6 Avant out on its famed test track. Now you can watch the Stig’s full, unadulterated lap. 

Weirdly, for anyone who has seen The Stig’s lap in the Caterham R500, this looks like a remarkably sedate lap with The Stig handling the steering wheel with fingertip delicacy. 

The speed isn’t too sedate, though. With a time of 1:21.9 , it runs the lap in exactly the same amount of time as the Ford GT—albeit the previous generation. Unfortunately, it’s two tenths slower than the Lamborghini Urus—which, boy does that big boy hustle. 

Both are excellent times, which tell you something about modern speed. These massive, hulking family vehicles are as fast as hardcore supercars were about a decade ago. Say what you will about modern cars, they aren’t slowing down.