The second season of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s new series "Definitely Not the Top Gear" (read: "The Grand Tour") was out filming a segment out in Croatia recently and fans caught this race between the TT RS and the Ariel Nomad.

Seeing as how the Ariel Nomad has no real competitors, it’s hard to predict just what the premise for this film will be, but the end result is a drag race with a TT RS, so it's bound to be good.

Based on another video (below), it appears that Clarkson is the one behind the Audi's wheel, while Hammond helms the Ariel.

Naturally, Clarkson wins, but the Nomad does a pretty good job of keeping up. And that's pretty impressive because the TT RS is a supremely fast car. For a Nomad, a vehicle designed primarily for sheikhs to chase after their falcons in the desert (fun fact: I don’t know how falconry works), to keep up with the Audi on the road is no small feat.

Look out for the full episode, no doubt involving more very silly competition, when the new season airs later in 2017 (probably in the fall).