Recently we have reported that the VR6 engine might be a dying breed , a story that breaks our hearts for many reasons, one of which is its sonorous nature. With some modifications, the VR6 can sound as good as a six-pot can sound - a thing that's perfectly demonstrated by this hillclimb monster.

This is Croatian Dejan Dimitrijevic's 600hp 4wd Seat Leon that has been tearing up Eastern-European hillclimb competitions with great success. It's a combination of mechanics from a crashed gen IV Golf R32 with the body of a Seat Leon Mk2, and of course, a huge turbo that also plays a part in this magnificent mechanical orchestra.


After the surgery was done and the R32-Leon monster started gaining big power, Dimitrijevic decided that it's not enough (we have a feeling he's real picky with the ladies, too), and that he could be quicker up the hills if he would install a DSG gearbox.

The 'box transplant turned out to be quite the challenge, but after some trial & error and a few broken gearboxes, the experiment was successful. Now this monster is one of the fastest hillclimb racers in Croatia and a fan favorite - for a very good aural reason.