One of the great things about working on a car, or any similar project, is the cleansing power that they can have on our minds. By working on a puzzle with a clear solution, it can help to sort through the bigger problems in life that don’t really have a clear solution.

That big problem with no clear solution was probably bigger for Nathan Scott, featured in this touching video from Integrated Engineering , that it is for most of us.

Scott was a medivac helicopter pilot in the military, a job whose selflessness and danger we can all agree is unfathomable and he explains that he returned from duty with post traumatic stress disorder, a disorder that one in eight soldiers suffer from.

In the video, Scott goes through his experience relating the tale of how he joined up and how, upon his return, his Audi Coupe Quattro helped him cope with the symptoms of PTSD.

An Audi, though, no matter how lovely, is no replacement for proper medical attention, something that can be found at

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