No matter how you feel about the Atlas, there is something charming about watching one try its guts out on track with supercars. The specific Atlas in question being Jamie Orr’s static slammed Atlas Cross Sport.

Naturally, it being more of a show car than a race car, it’s kind of out of its element at a KW track day in California, but you wouldn’t know that based on the track footage.

Orr, who is handy behind the wheel, can stay ahead of a Corvette. Although, that appears to be because he was really caning it to the degree that he overcooked it going into a corner and had to pull right out of the throttle before losing control.

All things considered, though, it works surprisingly well and sounds delicious, not that that should come as a surprise. But for a car that drove to the track from across the country to be fun on track next to cars that were trailered from down the road, that’s pretty impressive.

Mind you, Jamie Orr’s requirements for comfort are somewhat lower than the rest of the world’s.