Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: this will probably not lead to a production model, don’t hold your breath waiting for a chance to drive it, don’t let your heart be broken that easily. We considered not running this video because we didn’t want to participate breaking hearts, but it looks cool and it sounds great and, well, here’s the Golf R420.

The Golf R420, for those with poor short-term memories, was a Golf R with a RS3’s inline 5. That’s right, the hipster number. This one even has Audi’s trademark oval exhaust tips.

The model wouldn’t be particularly difficult to craft, because the Golf and the A3 are (basically) the same car. Both are based on the MQB platform and both use many of the same engines (I5 notwithstanding).

But this could be literally anything: an old test mule they pulled out of the garage for a joyride, a clever ruse from Audi, an alien, a mirage, anything.

So let’s just enjoy the soft tones of Audi’s I5 and accept that we will have to continue driving 4-cylinder Golf Rs and get on with our various days.