Back in the ‘80s VW was one of a number of manufacturers producing a van without a forward engine compartment to cushion you in case of an accident, so it was interested in proving that the Transporter was still safe. Following a number of tests of its own, VW hired Allianz to run some tests and corroborate its results.

The results will make you thank Thor for airbags. From the outside, some of them don’t look toobad, but as soon you look into the vans it’s all crushed knees and caved in chest cavities. The Transporter, though, does actually fare pretty well.

In that charming,  Look-Around-You -kind-of way, the narrator explains that “leg room was only slightly restricted,” as if the driver should be annoyed and not thankful that they didn’t have to be pried out of the car, like the dummy from the Toyota Liteace.

The experiment even found that the VW could have been fixed after its collision, unlike the rest of its competitors. And the video explains just why that is.

It’s all very impressive, yes, but not nearly as impressive the fact that anyone made it out of the last century despite climbing into these deathtraps. We really did survive as a species despite ourselves.