It is an unfortunate and uncomfortable fact that the E63 AMG Wagon is faster than the RS6 Avant in a straight line. It costs more and it makes more power, so it’s hardly surprising but there is a way to tilt the odds in your favor.

Throttle House has taken the two cars to the drag strip and in both the roll race and the standing quarter-mile, the Mercedes pulls out a small lead. With a bit of computer hacking, though, the car’s owner manages to get a little extra power out of the Audi.


In fact, the tune had the RS6 Avant producing around 800 hp, according to the hosts. And the results are pretty spectacular. Nevermind that the Audi nearly pulls a wheelie, it walks away from the AMG and turns the tables.

On track and back at stock power levels, the RS6 is a handy thing, feeling oddly like it belongs on the track just as much as it belongs on the road.