Although the year 2008 turned out not to be a good one—thanks in no small part to Deutsche Bank—things looked great going into it. And there were some other Germans making some wonderful things: like this V10 RS6 Avant.

While the internet has been inundated with glowing reviews of the current RS6 Avant (and why not? It’s glorious), it’s fun to look back at its forebears and to recall one of the models that makes being able to buy the current one so cathartic.

That’s right instead of remembering the good times, we’re asking you to look back to the bad times. The jealous times. By god, the painful times!

Endowed with a 5.0-liter V10, the ’08 RS6 Avant’s recipe starts with something special: the beating heart of a supercar. And that V10, with its pair of turbos, made 580 hp and got to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.
But thank god the jealous times are over. The modern RS6 Avant continues to look amazing even in comparison to the V10 beast. While the twin-turbo V8 is perhaps less special, everything else is better. So rejoice and don't let Audi regret its decision to import it.

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