Okayokayokayokay, so I know that we’re all experts in everything, here on the internet, but I actually had no idea why big brakes squeal.

It’s not really a big problem in my life, so I tend not to think about it too much, but I have sometimes wondered why racecar brakes make horrible noises when they aren't on a track.

It turns out, though, Porsche owners are sick of hearing squealing brakes, and Porsche is sick of hearing from squealing owners. So the former has come out with this video to pacify the latter.

The good news here, is that squealing brakes aren't a sign of trouble (in this scenario). Turns out the brake discs actually become a speaker.

What happens is that the pads, when they’re applied without enough pressure, vibrate against discs causing that terrible noise. The bigger the brakes, the likelier they are to wobble under soft braking.

Porsche swears they're working on solutions, but the problem is kind of inherent to the use of big brakes, so if you own a Porsche, then you'll just have to deal with annoying sounds. My heart breaks for you.