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(crossposting from ClubB5.com for my peeps)
I'm recovering from Internet withdrawal and two solid days of cleanup in my fiancees basement after her water supply burst.
It popped ahead of the water pressure regulator and meter and sprayed out of the wall like a firehose. The carpet and furniture are all destroyed as are a lot of the pictures and books in the bookcases. The electronics (tv, vcr, dvd, PS2, laptop, desktop, printers, scanner, pilot, digicam) are all safe as they had a wall between them and the water and were elevated. The leather interior for my car that I'd bought from a salvage is toast.
My hat is off to State Farm for responding so promptly with the restoration/recovery service and for getting a contractor online for the repair so quickly. Minimal first estimate is every inch of drywall, cieling, and insulation to come down and all carpeting to be replaced. The furniture is all being replaced and replacement cost for everything else... including my seats. I'm thinking alcantara.
Amongst the deluge, there were a few miracles... it looks like none of the power adapters for any of the electronics were lost. Our wedding invitations were only mildly splashed and just a few will have to be rewritten. The collection of photos I'd borrowed from Jody's parents for use at the wedding were untouched though they were found -floating- in a mere grocery sack, wide open, and potentially turned to mush.
All that on Tuesday morning after I'd worked an emergency until 4am.
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