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Water pump removal & install help

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I'm getting this squeaking from the lower right side of my Jetta. I don't have a mechanic's stetho, but it sure sounds like the water pump. (Does not sound like a belt, hope to God, it's not a freaking bearing)
I know that the little bolts holding the pump in the housing can be a bitch, but:
Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to install a new water pump on a non-PS 86 Jetta and some of the tricks, what the hard parts are, etc. ?
Thanks a lot.

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Re: Water pump removal & install help (smersh)

Water pump is very very easy to do.
(step one is always undo negative battery cable)
Just unscrew it, put the new one in, and bolt it on...
I would recommend taking the alternator off, etc.. Hopefully you dont have A/C.
Also, you may have to replace the little plastic thing that holds the thermostat in, cause mine was warped. This would also be an excellent time for a low-temp thermostat and fan thermoswitch. Replace any worn hoses, flush the system well (use water once or twice, then rad flush, then water "until you could drink it" according to Hamsta), use orange coolant preferably..
Volkswagen's clamps can be a bugger, just make sure you have good pliers or whatever. You may want to replace the clamps with normal hose clamps (dont know if the VW ones are better, etc.).
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Re: Water pump removal & install help (smersh)

Replace the pump as a complete unit, the little bolts snap very easily.
Test it first, take the belt off and feel for play and roughness in the pump then wrap string round the alt (to eliminate it) and spin it up, you'll here it if it's gone.
Re: Water pump removal & install help (Vdubs)

Yeah, forgot to mention that.. if you go to a site such as http://www.germanautoparts.com you'll see that they sell 2 different water pumps - Just the Internals, and the pump with the housing. It's not really worth the effort to replace the impellar stuff into an old housing. Canadian Tire and such stores will only sell the internals..
The dealer charged me something like $150 CDN for the waterpump, new, whole thing.
Re: Water pump removal & install help (ottawanker)

Thanks for the reply and good tips, all.
This I think is inevitable and I was dreading it.
Yeah, got the low temp stuff in already. Did it when I flushed the sys. I like those worm-gear clamps, too.
**So those little bolts are bound to snap? No convincing them with Blaster or anything like that?
I guess water pump is one of those things that usually just craps out at about 100k?
Thanks all.
Re: Water pump removal & install help (smersh)

Take the housing off and heat the bolts with a torch.Use never seize for the next guy.
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