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Water Temp Help Please

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I've got an 87 16V Golf.
My water temp seems to be running all the way up to the 3/4 and beyond mark.
I've heard the fan come on once in a while after I park. The temperature outside lately has been in the -5C and lower but the water temp still increases as I drive no matter if I am parked or driving.
I'm guessing from the reading I;ve done that it's prob a stuck thermo...has anyone tried the nuespeed thermos.
Anyway, some help would be appreciated.
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Re: Water Temp Help Please (BoneKracker)

Re: Water Temp Help Please (BoneKracker)

Did you replace the coolant recently? you may have an air bubble. Purge the air and idle the car to test the temps.
Feel the upper hose and compare it to the temp of the bottom hose (assuming a warm running engine). Any obvious temp difference? Your thermostat may be closed. Nuespeeds thermostats are OE, so don't bother buying from them, usless you don't have a local source. Some major Auto parts chains, have a lifetime warranty on the thermostats. You may find one in a lower temp for less.
Hope your using Phosfate free anti-freeze. We all know how VWs hate it.
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Re: Water Temp Help Please (Eric D)

Thanks All
I'm going to pick up a new thermo and fan switch and replace those.
I did just have the heater core replaced...but it was done through the local VW dealership so I imagine they used the proper antifreeze.
I'll let you know what comes about.
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