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i know for a fact this sht has been beaten todeath but ill start from day 1, just so itll make this a bit easier.

when i was 16 (im 21 now so this was long ago) i had just gotten the car temps were as normal as can be

few months later heatercore blew

i changed it my self and since then car would run a little hot

ran hot for a while but never really bad. changed thrermostat and did nothing

removed AC and put in brand new radiator and still no improvement

trashed the keyway on the crank on that motor right before turbo conversion so i ended up putting in a new motor.

put in samco hoses with the new motor and turbo and stuff. ran ok for a little but it was getting cold out so not a big deal

warm weather came around recently and car started getting hot. so i put in a low temp thermostat and fan switch.

BINGO sittin in traffic temps were fine. never went above half way

few days later car gets hot and stays hot. at least before the new switch and thermo i could drive and it would cool off. now when i drive it barely cools off it just gets hot and stays hot. but my oil temps dont shoot up anymore. before they used to get hot with the coolant.

i checked for air bubbles but i dont know what this sounds like to anyone. it seems like a stuck thermostat thats a possibility i havent dropped it to check it yet. i wanna hear some suggestions cause its really erkin me. it was butter after i put that brand new thermostat and fan switch in. oh and yeah the fan works. im runnin water and coolant mix. i read some search posts just for some ideas but they all say the same thing. i was also thinking the water temp sender it might be goofy but i can feel alot of heat when that gauge goes up so i dunno. i turn the heat on to see if itll cool off but it wont budge. takes like a nice 75mph highway run for 40 min to get it to even drop a little bit.
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