Today's gallery features Jettas and Passats of every age. Waterfest 2016 was a good year for these, full of variety and quality.

There were some lovely classics, some elegant CCs, and even a Jetta-truck conversion. VW also brought their own Enthusiast Fleet. Among them was the Satin Ocean Shimmer (read: blue) Passat that the manufacturer made specifically for this summer's car shows. It features the AccuAir E-Level TouchPad air management package and a wood-floored trunk.

Volkswagen weren't the only ones to bring later-model modified VWs to the show and that's good, because they look great. With some fairly mild adjustments modern Jettas and Passats go from looking respectable to looking sexy.

Thanks again to Jamie Orr for the great pictures. We'll be back with more from Waterfest soon.