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Hey kids.. do you need a passport to get into the USA these days? I just realized mine is expired, and I don't have any people that meet the guarantor requirements in Toronto. I'm going to try and get a photo, etc and send them back to St. John's to get a signature and stuff... But, just in case, do I remember correctly that you can use a photo ID + birth certificate or something?
Anyone know?

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Re: Waterfest: Border crossing -> Passport? (PlatinumTurbo)

Quote, originally posted by PlatinumTurbo »
yep.....drivers licence + birthcertificate or citicenship card are perfectly fine.....don't let people tell you otherwise because it's simply isn't true

yah im sure thats true but i think that passports are more easily accepted. im sure you'll make it across with the above pieces of ID unless you look like the dudes below. no offence to those that look like them


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Re: Waterfest: Border crossing -> Passport? (VEEDUBR)

I read this CRAZY story about what happened to an Iranian born Montrealer who got raped by the people at customs due to him being of muslim heritage and driving an expensive car (Honda S2000).
This dude said he was going to an autoshow and customs didn't believe him, so they took his whole car apart. Hold on, let me get the post he made.
Quote »
UNBELIVABLE: my story at the BORDERS going to HIN.
I'm going to tell you my story which is a bit scary... I have never I mean never in my life leaved something so scary or so humiliating. I would like to thank g-s2k(glen) for all his support and help when i was STUCK at the borders... without knowing you you are defently in my best buddy list.. thank you again, evertime i talked to you you gave me hope....
This is the story:
My g/F and I packed our stuff and left at noon for Boston, all exicited and all. I go to the US once a month atleast because I am a computer consultant for IBM, and my job makes me traval alot but this was the first time i took my baby, the S2000.
I arrive at the border and the nightmare starts. He asked me:
where you going?
I said HIN in Boston and I show him all the papers.
Can i see identification:
I show him my passport ( just to let you know I am Iranien and born in Iran but arrived here when i was 3 months old, i have never been back).
Then he tells me park your car over there and come in.
At that point everything was ok, sicne they usually do that, because i m iranien. Then make a hugh checkup and stuff.
I come in and then it starts. Starts asking question about where i m going again and why and what is car show. Then he asked me what is so special about your car...baklbalbalablab.
He says i dont by it, what is the reason your going to the US.
I show him all the papers about registration and stuff and he doesnt believe it. Then a officer go out to check my car, and they pull everything out of it, and find nothing (luggage).
Now they start asking my g/F question about drugs and if she takes some, and if we sell some and bull **** like that.
Of course we tell him no, then he asked so how do you pay for your car? (I'm 25 for does of you who dont know) I say i work and i am a computer consultant.
Then he starts by asking how much i make and how many hours and where.. then he goes on to my father how much does he make blwbqlbqlqbqlbqlbqalanlan.
This is when i started to stress like crazy. The he looks at me and tells me to bring my car in the garage. Oh my god!!!!!!!!
Once in a officer brings in a dog, and starts searching for drugs in my car... I tell them listen it's a s2000, in my trunk i have a hugh ICE install now, which i wanted to luch and HIN ( it's all carbon fiber, it's so sweet i m going to post some new pics later). He says he doesnt care and tells me to open the hood becuase they think i have drugs in the hood...
I'm like oh my god. I call my dad right away and tell he about what is going on, he call his lawyer and decides to come down. All this and now it's 5:30 pm (5 hours later) this is when i called you glen.
Now you think this is bad...... They TOOK MY CAR APART.. do you know why, because they said i changed the hole front end on a 2003 car so they taught i hide drugs in my fenders or bumper or whatever. When my dad arrived it was 2 hours later and the car was in pieces. no more front end, no more wheels, pull out my hole sound system install, pull out my seats, my dash.... anything you can imagine.
People you dont understand, this is so ridicilous. Because I'm 25 iranien with a s2000 makes me a criminal??? I was just comming down to a show to show you all the carbon fiber project and show you it is real...
now they wanted to seize my car. Well thank god my dad arrived with his laywer and he was able to get my car back. We had to tow the car back to the dealer, and my issurance is going to cover the damages, but what about my nightmare????
I have never been so humilitated in my life, so brought down to dirt, and finnaly they found nothing, i mean nothing, they just destroyed a little boy vacation... After 8 hours of being at the border i came back on a tow trunk and you know what they told me before i left, they said your lucky we didnt seize you car. Well as for now I am going to sue all there asses one by one and get the last laught.
I am sorry for not making it to HIN but i tyred. Hopefully next time i come and yes they will be a next time i will be able to meet all of you, especialy you g-s2k for your support i owe you so much.
All the parts of my boddy are shaking while I'm typing this thread, this story is going to hunt me for the rest of my days. I have not got any slep since this story i am in total shock.
All my life worked i worked hard to be succesful and i finished my bacc. in microelectronics at age 22 and now at 25 i am able to pay myself a nice car and finally to get the dream destroyed but some jealous hypocrite morons.

If any of you guys are of Middle-eastern descent, I would suggest you watch out. Customs has every right to do this to you due to Sept 11th. It's not right, but there really isn't much you can do about it.
If you feel something like this will happen, you have the right to walk away, If you get asked to pull over, just say you'll go back. You are allowed to and I would strongly recommend you do, because you don't want your hard work and pain to go waste like it did to this poor fellow. Just try another booth, and keep trying.
Hopefully I helped.
PS: I had to get my passport renewed this year because I'm going to eastern Europe for the summer. The cost is $85 and you have to wait about two weeks to get the passport. So if you decide to renew it, do it quick.
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