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There are 2 seperate packs going:
I am driving all Wednesday night to arrive at Dennys in S.Portland (Thursday)around 8-9am. Or maybe a bit earlier.
Then we are cruising to CT for the Eurotuner Cruise
Are any of you guys gunna be around?
The cars that are coming:
MK4 Silver Jetta: AEZs and slammmed.
MK4 Blue Golf
1994 Audi Smurf Blue (need I say more)
Silver 1.8T Bora with OZ Volcanos, Caractere
Black MK4 VR Oettinger kit with Mille Miglia 18s

Let me know what the low down is for some of you guys in Maine, NH, and of course the M*******s

I had a great time with the boyz from ME and Mass last year
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