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Waterfest Info...

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I have never been to waterfest before, but was definitely looking forward to blowing some cash on parts I'm looking for. The waterfest web site says the swap meet will only be on Saturday and I'm not going till Sunday. Will there still be plenty of parts for me to purchase or will I be a day late??

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Re: Waterfest Info... (gangig)

This is the first year it will be 2 days so kind of hard to say.
Re: Waterfest Info... (g60rabbit)

Oh ok. Didn't know this was the first time it went for two days.
Re: Waterfest Info... (gangig)

The main vendors will definitely be there on Sunday looking to take your money for parts.
Re: Waterfest Info... (AllMotor8v)

the swap meet is both days -a lot of people didn't go today - yeah there will be parts left --last year the end of day sales were good
Re: Waterfest Info... (gangig)

IMO having it 2 days was an excellent idea- plenty of stuff available from the vendors on both days, but I feel like Saturday was the better day to go cash crazy- waaaaaay less ppl that day obviously. I got to buy what I wanted on Saturday and just view all the sweet cars today.
http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif However if you were intent on deals just from the swap meet- it looked pretty bare this year. It was kind of a dissapointingly slim selection. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif

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