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Thank you to all of the local enthusiasts who have helped to create the largest watercooled event in the Northwest. We appreciate the time you take each year to join us and the other enthusiasts who have all made waterwagens what it is today.
This year brings new excitement and opportunities for everyone that is involved. With our overwhelming popularity that we experienced in 2001 and 2002, we have outgrown our past facility at St. Martins College (While it served us well, and provided a fantastic venue for our event, it was not situated for the future direction of the event). During much of 2002, Northwest European evaluated many facilities in the Northwest in person to determine the best balance of all attributes for 2003 and beyond. After all of this work, the venue was selected.
waterwagens will be held on Monday, September 1st, 2003 at Pacific Raceways in Auburn, Washington over the Labor Day Weekend.
We are excited about this move to Pacific Raceways, as this allows us to offer motorsports style events (the most requested addition from all of our attendees) in addition to the car show that the foundation of waterwagens has been built on. The facility offers us the space we need for growth, and under the new management that is running Pacific Raceways, we are confident that we are involved with a venue that will grow and mature with us.
Some common questions that have already come up, or are sure to arise:
Why is the show on the Monday of Labor Day weekend?
This was a tough decision this year, but we weighed in favor of the overwhelming feedback to add something to our event beyond the car show. We have worked with Pacific Raceways to get on the 2003 calendar, and the added benefit of the three day national holiday weekend, is the extra travel time for many of our entrants and attendees to arrive rested for the event. Plus time to clean the car upon arrival in Washington state!
Will the event continue to be over Labor Day Weekend in the future?
We do recognize the potential challenges that this 2003 date poses for some of our attendees, and will be working with Pacific Raceways for 2004 and beyond to find alternative dates, and weigh the options to pick an annual date that is best for the event.
What types of events are you going to be holding for 2003?
There will of course be the car show portion, that has become the foundation for waterwagens. We will also have drag racing available this year (other motorsports events in the future). As the event is over a national three day weekend this year, we will be working with some local sponsors and clubs to provide some other entertaining activities for a full weekend.
Also, since many of you (and us) expected waterwagens to be on August 3rd this year to continue our trend, we will be holding a different waterwagens related event on that date….stay tuned for those details.
Where can I get more information on waterwagens?
The website will be updated soon with all the 2003 information. In the meantime, feel free to send questions to [email protected]
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