The rise of GoPro over the past few years is nothing to scoff at.  Going from "those funny little cameras that litter our sand traps" as one Mazda Raceway security guard once told me, to the must-have camera for those in the action sports world and those who simply wish they were, the cameras have the ability to capture studio-grade quality film at a relatively low entry price.  But even with all of their strengths, the cameras still lack seamless social media integration and the ability to overlay data in a motorsport setting, leaving a void in the hearts of many.

With their new device ( and accompanying Kickstarter ), camera maker Waylens looks to excel where GoPro and other small cameras fall short.  Combining 1080p video capture quality found on some small capture devices, and the data overlay that has made Harry's Lap Timer the go-to for motorsport data collection, Waylays hopes that their new camera will foster an entirely new community.  And with the ability to upload captures directly from your smartphone shortly after capture, it just may be a great new way to keep tabs on what your friends are up to.  For those wondering what happens when the camera is inevitably used to capture and upload something highly illegal, it's a completely legitimate question.  In fact, even their promo video shows questionable activity.  Let's hope they've got that all figured out.

Learn more about Waylens, here.