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I'm planning to keep noise levels down, with minimal cost. I have slap back on my resonator, with no power loss. The car is decently quiet, but not anywhere near any family car sold today. Whats bothering me is that bassy exhaust. While its nice to hear, its also a pain to bear with. Its just too bassy. I have line the trunk with bubble wrap, and cheap foam/sponge... . I also lined the top of the undercarriage just on top of the rear exit pipe with noise insulators. But those deep bassy note just rides through them. Its only at idle.
Is this because the OEM muffler is crap ?
I have lined the hood with noise insulator that was meant for it. That is money NOT well spent. Hardly made a difference as most of the sound seems to travel trhough the firewall...... which is especially warm on mine.
What do u suggest ? Dynamat is out for me. Do you think those HEAT insulators for roofing will help (aluminum sheets with bubble wrap in between).
Also, how do you remove the door panels ? I wanna stick some foam in there
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