With countries like the UK suggesting that they may ban internal combustion engines as early as 2030, Volkswagen’s ID range of electric cars may have to do for us.

In a conversation with the UK’s AutoExpress , Jurgen Stackmann, VW’s head of sales and marketing, said that the ID family and the Golf can “probably not” coexist in the long term.

He clarifies, though, that this is long term thinking.

“I am convinced that you will see Golf 9 coming,” said Stackmann. “I think Golf will have a lot of interesting technologies until the boundary of full-electric. The fully electric ID goes into the ID family and that decision is of a divide within the family.”

Volkswagen, unlike other brands, decided not to adapt its current chassis to support EV technology. Instead, it decided to start from scratch and design a chassis that was solely intended for electric vehicles.

Volkswagen argues that the MEB chassis will mean better electric cars, it also means that they don’t really want to slowly turn the Golf into an electric vehicle.

But not all nations are so gung ho about electrification, so Stackmann believes that the transition will take some time like it did when the Golf took over from the Beetle.

“Golf will remain as a strong effort of the brand in many places and I believe in Europe as well, but in many places outside Europe where they probably don’t have the capacity to go full electric so fast,” said Stackmann. “So I’m convinced that we will see a parallel run of Golf 9 and ID next generation.”