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I have a 93 Golf 4dr VR6, engine is from a 95 GTI. 129k
I know absolutely nothing about the past of this motor.
I haven't driven it much since the swap, but I was test driving it today when I started hearing a noise which I thought was something scratching or dragging on the ground... when I checked there was nothing. Then I thought maybe a wire hitting the fan, but wasn't. I can't visually see anything that could be causing it. It changes sporadically and RPMs seem to change it a bit too. It sounds like something loose somewhere in the motor or somewhere internal. The only thing I can think of is a chunk of the timing chain guides or tensioner broke off and is bouncing around in there. Has anyone experienced this? I am just curious what it could be. The timing chains don't seem loud.

Also, a side question. Can I use any 12v VR6 from a mk4 and swap it into my OBD1 as long as I use all the OBD1 accessories and sensors on the mk4 motor?
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