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Hi yall, this is a fun one.

Scirocco 2.0 TSI CCZB DSG

Stage 2 remap on stock K03 that's dying. (Zero boost leaks, can't build boost over 1BAR, wastegate does not have any slop, but is the only thing left, DV is good)

Did 80mins of Gatebil Rudskogen. (best was 1.50.53, my first time ever on a racetrack, Pilot Sport 5 tyres)

Got all possible warning lights within the first 10min, then they went away.

Got oil up to 155C and oil light for split second on the T3 corner.
Limped out, checked levels, all was good. I assume just a split second air bubble might have been sucked up, as I did 2x more 20min session after the fact.

When leaving got lumpy idle and the aforementioned codes.

Knew my oil screen was gone...probably somewhere in the engine.

Replaced the Cam bridge, the magnet, adjustment valve and cover.
Found nothing obviously wrong with the old one thou, no fragments.
But, I found that the ball check valve in the hole where the mesh screen sits got pressed out flush with the bridge, basically the check valve was where the mesh screen would normally sit.
This made me think - ha, that's why it does not adjust, looses oil pressure etc etc.

Removed the mesh on the new cam bridge one before install.

Assembled all and now she runs great at all times, except on cold starts.

It runs rough for the first 30-60 seconds on cold starts (like missing timing) and then throws the P000A and P0016 codes.

After the initial 30-60 seconds it runs perfect.

To me it sounds like missing oil/oil pressure upon standing for a while, which would indicate a bad check valve in the cam bridge?

I am yet to measure my oil pressure.

As for the boost

Made a boost leak tester, found leak on my updated intake manifolds flap adjuster/seal/rod thing, fixed that with a new thick o-ring, barely changed a thing.
No other boost leaks, DV+ in perfect condition, yet even with unplugged wastegate vacuum line I can't get it to boost over 28psi absolute (1960mbar)

Any ideas?

Link to logs mostly 3rd/4th gear.

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