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Weird Smell..

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i cleaned my car as usual this weekend, and after i went inside for a while and then when i came back out to leave i noticed a smell, smelled sort of but not exactly like something burning, kind of a plasticy smell. my girl friend noticed that it smelled kind of like when you get something caught in the vacuum. but my vacuum is the shark. the smell was still there in the morning.. it seems to go away after a while of driving, but it comes back as the car sits there..
i didnt use and wierd solvents inside my car when i cleaned it so its not comming from that. it a familiar smell, but i cant place it and i have never smelled it in my car... someone come sniff my car... its sitting off shady grove rd in rockville, gathersburg, md.
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Re: Weird Smell.. (turborave)

When my car was new the heater smelled like you mention.
Re: Weird Smell.. (wsommariva)

hmm.. i have been using the heater more now that its colder, what became of your smell?
Re: Weird Smell.. (turborave)

My wagon has a weird smell if I don't drive it for a couple of days. It seems to be related to the carpeting in the hatch area (if you stick your nose down close to the carpet, the smell is noticeably stronger). It's not a bad smell, just odd. I think over time, the odor accumulates and that's why it's only noticeable after a few days spent idle. Also, it may be related to the leather interior although it doesn't smell like leather at all.
Does anyone else have this smell?
Re: Weird Smell.. (turborave)

i used to have a burning smell when i just left the vents open. (set temp to about 72) and it was a light smell, but either it went away or i have gotten used to it. kind of like an air freshner. get someone to take a whiff at it. give it some time before jumping to some conclusions.
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