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weird thing happened to my alarm today

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tonight as i turned off my car, i heard my doors unlock. i looked at the pins and they were definately up. i asked my passenger if she unlocked the doors, but she didn't. that never happened before, but i thought it was ok, cause i heard that you can program your locks to do that, so i figured it's nothing and got out. then i tried to arm my car. nothing happened. i stood beside my car and pushed the arm button repeatedly. still nothing. then i put the key in the keyhole and locked the door. it worked but it felt funny, as though there was no power in the keyhole. but the alarm still didn't arm. i tried unlocking the door with the unlock button and it worked. then i tried the keyhole again, this time turning it twice. then the lights flashed and it beeped.
what was that all about? has this happened to anyone else?
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Re: weird thing happened to my alarm today (billgti)

yeah, everything was closed. it just didn't arm the first couple times i tried. then i used the key and turned it twice, like you would to unlock all the doors, but in the other direction. then it armed. you know what i mean?
i thought it was pretty strange
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