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Re: weitec GB and kit (VolkSchnell-GTI)

just dont buy it from importvision and you should be fine!

I ordered springs for a 1995 GTi VR6. The box was labled 1995 GTi VR6 and the springs were unmarked. I had my mechanic install the springs and align the car (the alignment is mandatory when suspension work is being performed) for a price of $120 total. He could not align the car as it was too low and in fact unsafe to drive. He charged me only $100 since he could not align the car. My options were to leave my car at the shop or have it towed to my house for additional cost. I had a friend follow me home 8 miles away. The car (which I use daily) stayed parked for 3 days as I called several shops to investigate what the problem was. I even called Alex who assured that those were the correct springs. When I contacted Matt of Tuning Zubehor (877)982-9467 I described the problem to him and gave him a thorough visual description of the springs that were sent to me. He confirmed that those were in fact the incorrect springs intended for a GTi 2.0. He told me that he would call Import Vision and notify them of the mistake. When I called Import Vision back they admitted fault and said they would have the second springs out to me within 5 - 7 business days. I said that would be too long as my car has been inoperable for 3 days. I requested that the springs be shipped overnight to me and also that a check be sent to me for the price of $120 to perform the installation of the second springs. I explained that I did not think I should have to pay for installation and alignment twice because of their suppliers shortcomings. Alex refused and said that he would have them to me in one week at best. I told him that I would inform the Better Business Bureau if he did not satisfy my requests as I could not do without my car for any longer nor pay any additional money on top of that. To this he replied that he would have the correct springs sent out that evening and once he recieves the springs that were on my car he would send a check to me to cover the cost of the second installation. I recieved the correct springs the next day as promised and had them installed. I called Alex to let him know that the original springs were on the way to him and he said that as soon as they arrive he would send the check. I requested if I could have that statement in writing, or perhaps in a simple e-mail, but he assured me that would not be necessary as the check has been cut and waiting to be sent. I called him a few days later and he said that the springs arrived but he could not resell them and therefore would not send me the check.
The new springs had began giving me problems as well to which I soon realized that my car was fitted with suspension parts from a newer model that I was unaware of. I told Alex and he said that he would be able to send me the springs that would fit in one week as he already had a shipment of springs on the way. One week later after having not heard from him I called and asked if they had arrived. He said they had not and he would send them out in 3 days. I told him that in the meantime I would continue to see if I could find a simpler resolution so as to save us both the hassle. The day that Alex was set to send out the springs I contacted him and told him there would be no need to send out the springs as I had a local shop custom fabricate a spring piece that would resolve the problem.
Still, he refused to send the check originally agreed upon. Despite having had my car out of comission for 3 days, I only wish to have a check sent to me for the price of $120 to reimburse me for the second installation.
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