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welded diff in an 020?

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has anyone ever done it, or it is just asking for trouble? any relevant anecdotes are appreciated

also, what price efficient (no lsd's) upgrades should be made to an 020 tranny for it to hold its own against a 2L turbo motor...i was planning on upgrading either a CHE or DFQ tranny with the large input shaft
lastly, what benefit does the large input shaft on these transmissions give that a standard shaft does not?
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Re: welded diff in an 020? (wide_mk1)

Welding a diff... if this is a track car, straight line, I guess yes or get a spool. If you are going to drive it on the street, forget that. Turning will be a big issue as the power will still be 100 % on both wheels (you ever had a cheap RC car with a cheap diff (if you spin one wheel forward, the other is locked going forward) and a RC car with LSD or wide open diff, if you spin one wheel forward the other wheel goes backwards or moves forward but slowly. Put both in the dirt and the cheap diff/straight diff car will be throwing up dirt off both wheels. The car with the wide open diff or LSD will throw dirt off one wheel most of the time. Put them on pavement (sticky wheels) and run them straight, the cheap diff car will grab good off the line, so will the other car with a wide open diff or LSD, now turn at good speed, the car with the wide open /LSD diff will make the turn normally. The cheap diff car will either try to go straight, scrub the tires, or flip as both wheels are going the same speed and trying to go the same distance. This is why the diff is important, the LSD would slip a little but just enough to allow turning without issues. Plus they don't blow holes in the trans case and bellhousing. I guess the big input shaft is on paper and technically is stronger than the 1.8L, but calloway turbo cars had the 1.8L trans also, they rarely had issues. The CHE/DFQ trans gear ratios will work good for a turbo car, even better in the Mk 1 body. throw in a LSd and you should be OK. The other issue though is how much power are you planning on making?
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Re: welded diff in an 020? (HGB)

thanks for the info, i've heard of rwd cars using welded diffs but i was thinking it wouldn't be a very good idea for a fwd car. i plan on making about 200 hp at the wheels, for a mk1 that should be plenty for me, epically if i can get all 200 of those ponies to the ground.
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Yeah, don't get a locked diff. I run a spool in my race car, and can barely stand it for straight line racing. It pulls all over the place, and I have popeye forearms from turning off the track without power steering with a spool.
Re: (MkIIRoc)

Welded diffs are great for 60ft times, but make sure you have at least an acre of ground to turn around. To be honest it's a great way to save money for a drag car but I would never suggest it in anything else. We just picked the back of the car up if we wanted to turn
And be sure and hold tight, if one axle goes you'll get yanked all over the place. See ya , Joe.
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Re: (bvillelounge)

Welded differentials are also good in offroad applications where loose terrain allows the inside turning wheel to slide, but you're just asking for trouble if you use a welded diff on pavement.
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