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and I had to get off the gas since I only dialed in at 14.60 and I had to run against a car that dialed in at 18.5 so I had to give him a 3.9 second head start. I blew by him at about 30 ft before the finish line so I had to get off the gas fast and only got a 92.83 mph. Well here is the 2 time slips I got today. The first one was with my old chip that gave me the limp codes if I went past 5900 rpms in 3rd-5th gear. The second one is my new chip that got rid of the limp problem and runs more adv timing then then other one.
Old chip
60 ft----------1.928
330 ft---------5.992
1/8 et---------9.356
1/8 mph------72.58
1000 ft------12.216
1/4 et-------14.604
1/4 mph------94.81
New chip
60 ft----------1.923
330 ft---------5.922
1/8 et---------9.210
1/8 mph------74.06
1000 ft------12.024
1/4 et-------14.396
1/4 mph------92.83
Should have been more like 14.350 at 96-97 mph.

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Re: Well it looks like I out did my self again. I ran a 14.396 today (cmh-CUNDA12's)

Good job. Acutally, if you had to let off the gas and ran a 14.3 @ 92....then you would probably run a 14.2 looking at your numbers. Again, good job.

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