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losing my license again :( second time within a 12 month period by the way.. gotta start driving better.

anyone wanna buy a mkiv jetta that i still owe way too much on? :p can't afford the $4k a year for insurance anymore hahah

gonna give me plenty of time to finish polishing my fat fives though so i'm psyched on that :)

BTW, anyone got pictures of 205/45's on a 7.5? tyrestretch.com doesn't have a good one
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That sucks man... I have 205/50's on my fat fives.. idk if that helps tho
hahah nah, i'm definitely getting 205/45's, just trying to think of what they look like. i'm getting a brand new set of falkin 512's for $200. pretty sick deal i think :)

my buddy had that size on a 7.5" wheel, just can't remember exactly what kind of stretch it was. i know it's like BARELY stretched
damm! 4k for insurance? :eek::eek: oh my god i feel for you dude.
that's like a perfect amount of stretch

yea, $4k is a butt load for insurance. i might end up just trying to sell the thing and buying and e36 outright. i can afford the insurance if i don't have the car payment, but $600 a month between car payment and insurance is REALLY pushing it haha. i'm 19 haha but, if i can pick up a decent e36 and pay in cash, then i'll be set
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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