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Wet Okole seat covers??????

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I was looking at some pics and this guy said he had Wet Okole seat covers and showed this pic. If those are seat covers i want some...how much are they???
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Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (Koobs)

try www.wetokole.com
they are a little pricey for seat covers and some say they never lose the wetsuit smell. but they do look nice and are spill proof!
Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (bluebora2.0)

Wait is the fact that they don't lose the smell good or bad?
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Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (Koobs)

front seats, $129
back seat $200-$250.
When I was in hawaii last summer I saw an MKIII golf with those on. They were black with the white hibiscus plant and blue middle. Very awesome. I saw some crazy cars there that would put the U.S. imports/euros to shame, then again we can drive state to state, they just drive in circles all day.
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Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (snoopy20)

I bought a set of these seat covers when I was in Hawaii and they are very good quality, they lasted a long time. I ended up selling them ( after 5 years) after I got a set of MKII OEM Recaros. This was in my 1991 GTI, the best thing about them is that they are custom made to fit your seats and fit very tight. The material is very strong and of course waterproof. If you want to do a custom look inside a GLS velour type VW, this is the way to go.
My $0.02 worth.
Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (Koobs)

Koobs, yes those look like Wet Okole. I really liek thelook too and want to do that for my car. But $225 for the front two seats and and $249 for the rear split seat gives a total of about $870 Cdn plus shipping. ACK!!! I can sure do a lot of other things to my car for the best part of a $1000.
So now I'm looking at sourcing my own materials and making my own covers. Rough costing looks like about $400-$500 Cdn for the materials. Then its just time...
Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (Rapt)

here's one of mine....for me the wetsuit smell went away, or maybe im used to it and dont notice it anymore
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Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (AxEgRyNdEr)

I also have a set of wet okoles and I really like them. Besides all the benefits; including keeping your seats clean in case you decide to sell your car later, being water proof and being custom made, they are really comfortable. Like someone had said earlier, they're made out of the same material as wet suits so they're quite thick. As for the smell... to be honest my car did smell for a few days, but I just opened the windows and it didn't bother me anymore. Good luck in finding some seat covers. Aloha!
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I went into the store to look around and they said it is about 2 weeks wait for the seats. I live about 5 miles from the store. If you have any questions I might be able to answer them. Just be aware that MK IV cars have airbags in the seats. I am hesitant about getting them for that reason and the heafty pricetag. But they are sooo worth it.
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Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (bastion72)

they have cutouts on the side for the airbags, and mine were worth the price
Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (Koobs)

Worth it http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif The WO guys said they are the only seat covering company that does covers for seats with side airbags and have done tests on them so they are compatable with the airbags. Quality and fit are excellent.
Because they are custom, I had to wait 3 weeks for them to come in. Then, after installing, they found out that the Wolfsburg front seat bottoms did not fit. I waited another 4 weeks for the bottoms.
Yes, they do smell like wetsuits, but I grew up surfing, and don't mind it at all.
Other than that, IMHO the wait was worth it.
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Re: Wet Okole seat covers?????? (waka)

eww 1000 bucks for wet suits for my car? nah i rather get a chip and some other zit. if anyone gets water or dirt in my car they never get in again....simple.
but they still look really nice........is there any other way i can get like the white cutout like that?......cus thats what i like
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