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i live in ct and it has been really warm out for some reason (i thought it was supposed to be winter
) and my car has been away for the last few weeks now,and i have been driveing a beat 86 gti for a winter car. so today when i woke up it was like 60 out and i couldnt take it anymore so i broke down and took my 92 2.0 gti out for a cruise on some back roads near my house and it was so awesome. so the point of my thread is, if your in my situation and you have the chance to take out your car (even if its not registerd our insured like me
) do it cause it reminded me how much i love my car and volkswagons in general!!
(bear with me im really bored)
92 gti 2.0 16v-abt,bilstien,brembro,magaflo,bonrath,ect ect
86 gti winter beater
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cool, just dont get pulled over
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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