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Re: what all do i need to swap a 1.8 16v into my 1.7 8v scirocco? (eastcoastdubs)

Quote, originally posted by eastcoastdubs »

full exhaust???
fuse box???
fuel dist
fuel pump??

people care but this has been beaten to death. this motor is plug and play basically. let me help out though.
alternator-use the 16V one because it already fits. a alternator only has two wires. a big one and small one. It's pretty simple
exhaust-you can use your factory exhaust but I would recommend upgrading. What's important is to get the scirocco downpipe or a d/p from TT for a 16V into an A1
fuse box-only if your rocco is so old it uses the bug style fuses which I highly doubt. What year is your rocco.
fuel dizzy-you need the roc's dizzy because it works with the CIS-E ECU
fuel pump-no worries here. Your's is fine!
mounts-use ALL your stock mounts. Considering replacing worn out ones though
subframe-I'm gunna let this one slide. Simply put...No because you don't have one
this ain't an A2
tranny-again this is according to what year your Roc is. If you have a 5 speed then just use that tranny so you don't have to change axles/spindles and crap like that
anymore questions...just ask.
edited because I just saw you have an 82. Therefore you don't need to change fuse boxes. Also you SHOULD have a 5 speed so no worries on the tranny.
Also I wrote this a while back because I was sick of answering questions regarding the 16V swap. I've since calmed down but I swear in 2050 when VW launches it's first hovercraft someone is going to ask how to put a 16V into an A1. You can quote me on that

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