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What an improvement!! (Forge DV valve and strut tower caps....)

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Just got it installed. Very happy with the resluts. the most noticeable of which is the much smoother power delivery. It basically eliminted any hint of surging or "dips" in torque. The car also has better high speed throtle response for those 3rd-5th gear passing maneuvers The "Blow-Off" sound is even louder with the CAI. I had one (Forge DV) on my A4 and had the same results. The best thing about this install was it's on top of the motor. Much easier than the A4. I also picked up a set of the billet strut tower caps. They dress up the compartment very nicely. The highpolish finish looks soooo much better than the black plastic caps. They just screw onto the the strut threads. They're dimpled around the edge and have a nice machined look. I'll probably pick up the oil and coolant resevoir caps as well. If your contemplating a DV, the workmanship, serviceability and customer service at Forge could not be better (IMHO).
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