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What are some common problems with 93 Eurovans (5 cyl.)?

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I am thinking of buying a 1993 Eurovan (5 cylinder) and I would really
appreciate your input on the common problems with this model.
Fred Dutton
99 Silver Passat 1.8t
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Re: What are some common problems with 93 Eurovans (5 cyl.)? (redfred)

I've heard of a fuel line recall where the clamps on the fuel lines aren't self-tightening and as the hoses settle, they get a little loose. I think it's a similar recall as for most Digifant-injected VWs that had this problem. (My '91 GTI did.)
Re: What are some common problems with 93 Eurovans (gti_matt)

Timming belt was interference and could screw the engine up. Our old EV did it at 94k miles
Re: What are some common problems with 93 Eurovans (5 cyl.)? (redfred)

I know the automatic transmissions cost an arm and a leg to fix if they break... and I have heard that the 5 cyl's aernt exactly fast, but what do you buy a van for - to speed? It still can tow a 4400 pound braked trailer, so that tells you VW expects a lot from it.
Re: What are some common problems with 93 Eurovans (5 cyl.)? (redfred)

Thanks for the info!!!
I also found this list in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ev_update
Things to look for in a 92/93 Eurovan:
- stay away from the Automatic, unless you really need the auto
- check for piston slap(Most common in 1992 Canadian EV's)
- check for oil in the distributor cap
- check fuel lines for leaks at cold start (Subject of recall, make sure its done)
- check for rust at rear left body seam
- check for coolant leaks at plastic fittings in block, front & left side
- check CV joints and boots
- check fuel and temp gauges for proper operation
- check headlights for internal moisture
- check heater fan for proper operation
- check exhaust, especially the catalytic converter
- check for exhaust manifold leak
- check plastic coolant pipes to rear heater for leaks
- check service history, brake fluid changes, etc...
Fred Dutton.
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Re: What are some common problems with 93 Eurovans (redfred)

Wow, excellent research! You've listed pretty much everything I've ever heard as far as common problems. Luckily I haven't had many problems. I had VW repair the seam damage under warranty even though I wasn't the original owner. The gauge problem is on my list of things to do as well as the catalytic converter. My is still going well over 100,000 on the clock - I've been keeping up with synthetic oil changes (mobil one) with no problems!
Re: What are some common problems with 93 Eurovans (redfred)

That list was pretty good:
Here's what I experienced:
Moisture in headlights: not enough sealant around the edge of the lens: apply fresh bead of silicone.
RUST RUST RUST! all over the place. Worst car I ever had. When the paint blisters, there's often already a hole under there. Check underneath, especially the hollow structure that runs on both sides: it's filled with some kind of foam (sound deadening ?) that seem to entrap moisture.
Tie rods and ball joints are very expensive: look for any slack in steering.
Diesel tach becomes erratic over 3000rpm
Control panel light dimmer not working (only works on or off)
Bad rear wheel bearing: that was a weird one cause they're huge (and tough) but one would start to rumble and loudly whine from time to time.
On manual shifter: have all linkage properly lubricated all the time: check for proper operation.
Rattles: crack next to spot weld of coolant expansion bottle bracket against firewall produces loud but hard to find rattle! Easily cured with epoxy glue...
Rear brake pads stick to drum when applying handbrake...may cause lining to peel off brake shoe.

Mine is a 93 GL , 2,4 diesel with 200,000km (120,000m)
A guy around here has two diesels in cargo version, one with about 520,000km the other with over 700,000.
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