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Re: ERIC...What are some lightweight, yet inexpensive wheels that will fit my car? (skr8blackenese)

16X7.5 5-100 ET35 ASA LW5 $159.00 14-16lbs
Sorry I don't have a pic yet. The wheel looks like the EM9/KA3
18-19 lbs
16X7 5-100/115 ET42 ASA JS1 $139.00
16X7.5 5-100 ET35 MFS BOR T-B, E, T or R $135.00-155.00
16X7 5-100 ET35 MM HT3 159.00
16X7 5-100 ET38 MM11-2 119.00
16X7.5 5-100 ET38 BBS VZ 170.00
16-17 LBS
17X7.5 5-100 ET35 ASA LW5 $189.00
17X7.5 5-100 ET38 BBS VZ 219.00

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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