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What are the best springs? What do you have?

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You guys have probably seen this type of post a ton, but search is not working.
I have a 95 Jetta, I want springs. What are the best, what do you guys have...pics. And how low should i go - I plan on getting 17's and want barely any wheel gap.
Does anyone have step by step on how to do it?
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Re: What are the best springs? What do you have? (Frank3)

i got some neuspeed sports on my car(hey-they were cheap!) it is a 98 Gti
my brother has H&R's on his 89 GLI and it rides as nicer than mine.
oh yeah... i have 17"s with 215/40 and have about 1 1/4" of gap up front and 1 3/8 in the rear.

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