Are you having a little trouble seeing through your windshield these days? You are in luck! We asked the VWVortex community to share their knowledge and help us create a list of the best Volkswagen windshield wipers and you all came through in a big way.

When windshield wipers are working properly, we rarely give them a second thought. But wipers degrade over time and need to be replaced regularly. It’s better to do this long before they become a nuisance (or even an outright danger) when you go to clean your windshield in the middle of a long drive.

We recommend swapping them out at least once a year, even twice depending on your climate. Because your wipers sit out all day in the direct sun. Putting up with extreme heat in the desert, extreme cold in the north, as well as ice, snow, sand, bugs, and, of course, rain. It's a hard life for them, and they suffer accordingly.

So we asked you which windshield wiper blades you relied on for you Volkswagen. The ones you had tested out day after day, storm after storm, and went back to the next time you needed them. Here are your recommendations for the best Volkswagen windshield wipers, along with some from our experts.

Original Equipment

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The wipers that were on your Volkswagen when it left the factory are always a solid choice. Volkswagen doesn't want you coming back and complaining about wipers while you're under warranty, so the OEM units are normally tip-top. Users @Ehralessien, @JAGjr, and @R32-3816 recommended them. User @quaudi insists on them, saying "original VW on all 25 VWs I've owned."

The other benefit of OEM blades is that they're exactly the same as the ones you're removing. So you don't need to worry about buying the blades with the right mounting attachment or having to struggle to swap out the wipers in your driveway.



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The only problem with original equipment wipers is that they tend to be original equipment prices. Many Volkswagen owners already know that the way to find a great deal is to find the company that made the parts for Volkswagen and buy it with their logo on the box instead. Same high-quality parts, usually much lower pricing. @BsickPassat points out that Volkswagen uses Valeo for many of its windshield wipers, and Valeo is a leading supplier to a number of automakers. User @CE agreed, saying to stick with Valeo because they've never had one tear like off-brands can do.


Bosch Icon

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The Bosch Icon sits at the top of the brand’s windshield wiper lineup. Bosch says that its unique ClearMax 365 wiper blade rubber is extremely resistant to cracking from long-term environmental exposure.

The Icon blades also use a beam-style design in place of the more traditional metal frame and hinge wiper. This works better to keep them flat to the windshield glass and it makes the blades less likely to get jammed up by snow and ice in the winter. Bosch blades were recommended by nearly a dozen users including @mutedcurmedgeon who said that "they've done better for me than the OEM ones have, have lasted at least twice as long. They do much better at cleaning off bugs and other gunk."


Trico Silicone Ceramic

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Trico is the company that actually invented the windshield wiper blade, way back in 1917. Today the company offers a dozen different grades of wiper from bargain to its super-premium Silicone Ceramic wipers. User @CE and @VWBos76 recommended the company's products.

Of course we lean toward Silicone Ceramic because these top-grade blades are designed to last three times longer than average blades. The coating reduces friction and drag on the glass, letting them operate more smoothly and doing a better job of clearing your windshield. The coating also protects the blade material from ozone, UV, and weather conditions, part of why they can last so long in the first place.



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The company is best-known for its rain-repelling windshield coating that can stop you from even needing wipers in some foul-weather conditions. A product quite a few of you recommended to go along with any wiper blade choice. With a product like that, wipers aren't a big jump, so Rain-X has become a big name in windshield wipers as well as water repellent products.

Rain-X offers its top-end wipers with a beam-blade design that works better to keep the blades clear of snow and ice and planted to the glass. But it also has conventional hinge-frame wipers for those looking for a value-priced wiper and then the middle ground hybrid wiper. The Hybrid wiper combines the features of beam and conventional wipers, offering a lower cost than a beam-style but much better performance than a conventional wiper.


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