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Re: What are the incentives for July? (Corradodrvrfnd)

Quote, originally posted by Corradodrvrfnd »
because 0% financing doesn't sell cars. ... a low rate loan doesn't make any more people buy your product.

Generally, in mass numbers, I would agree; the car (or a badge) sells the car and low financing is a bonus.
But I do know one person that chose a Tahoe over a Sequoia because GM had 0% and Toyota didn't. Otherwise, I've heard a few people say they didn't choose the vehicle because of the percentage, but rather they chose to buy at a certain time because of the finance deal. Meaning that they would have kept their current car for another year or so, but instead bought a new one because the loan was "free". However, had those people waited the year, they would have bought the same car, so the low rate didn't influence which car they bought, just when they bought it.
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