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What Cam for Mark IV VR6?

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I'm looking for cams for my 2000 GTI VR6, I've heard a lot of good things about the 256... I presently have the GIAC chip, and I know there is a 256 version. I'm not at all into drag racing, more or less a track freak. The car stock has a lot down low, but starts to give up around 60mph. I'll be doing to work myself as well... Any ideas?
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Re: What Cam for Mark IV VR6? (scolen2)

I did the DSR's and love them. I just couldn't justify spending and extra $300 for the Schrick's with only a 2hp difference. Besides, I eventually want to add boost. The above post has the instructions I wrote when I did the install. Enjoy!!
Re: What Cam for Mark IV VR6? (tatge)

are MKIV and MKIII cams the same? Or are they differant?
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