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I put in an RCD330 a few nights ago. Ordered it on 4/18, received on 5/2 from China. Got it with the canbus adapter and USB socket. I have the same radio (almost) in my wife's 17 AllTrack. I wanted the same in my 07 GLI. The AUX cable to BT dongle and phone charger setup was too much for me to handle anymore. Plus, my original radio's knobs were all cracked.

Taking apart the center console wasn't too bad, nor was removing the shifter and cigarette lighter tray. All told, about one hour to get everything working.

Here's the before:
View attachment 182566

Here's the after:
View attachment 182564
View attachment 182563
View attachment 182561
View attachment 182560

So far I don't think there's been any battery drain issue. Along with adding functionality to the MFSW, I think the canbus is supposed to eliminate battery drain. It appears my radio has the lastest firmware, but I have seen others with different background screens. I can't find anything that can change that in the menus. Am I missing something?
Looks great! Are you happy with the RCD330? Any issues with it? Can you share the link where you bought it? thanks
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