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This isn't me, and I've posted this before, but here's an Alltrack hauling a few hundred pounds of hops from Yakima to Seattle:
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From this Seattle Times article (contains more shots of the Alltrack):
That's Awesome, I know some brewers here in Wisconsin that get hops from Yakima..... and we grow our own.

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Thinking of putting this in...does it count?
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J/k...this would go on a 1up on hitch, for the fat guy who cant go up street hills in a urban crossover without dismount and push...🥴

Waddaya think: Cool electric dirt bike 50 mile level range, as bug home/gas getter if I get stuck way back?

One step up from ebike, that all the old farts are buying, to almost dirt bike?

I'm a 16 year old when it comes to toys, I confess.
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