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What did you replace your factory speakers with?

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Hey, I'm looking to replace the front speakers on my 2000 gti, and I have a couple of questions about it.
If I get a pair of speakers that have tweeters and/or mids built in (2-way/3-way, right?), will the highs be too pronounced w/ the factory tweeters in use in the a-pillar? I really like the current setup with the highs, so I would like to keep using those in the same upper location.
Can I purchase just plain old woofers (speakers w/o tweets or mids?) to replace the stock ones?
I'm looking to spend no more than 60-70 bucks on the pair, as I'm not looking for too much of a difference. To be honest, I just blew the pass. side woofer, so I'm looking for cheap, slightly better alternatives.
Any recommendations on specific products out there I should look at? My price range is limiting, I realize, but any comments would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.
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