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Hello all,
I think I'll start a real thread in the midst of the current vortex crisis!
I haven't posted any pics of my car before, but I do have some before and after pics.
Anyway... about a month ago i finally decided to clean my 83 rabbit diesel. I had only had it for about 2 months at the time and it had been treting me pretty well as a daily driver. The body isn't that great, and there's a lot of rust underneath....but there's a lot of paint on it so I knew it would clean up pretty nice. A few hours later after some buffing and waxing, it shined up pretty nicely! I was pretty happy about that. I also got my hands on some color-matched paint and painted over some rust spots just as a cover up. Not bad from a couple feet away and far better than before, I must say. I have some pics from before the clean-up, but they kinda stink and you can't really tell the difference in the pics.
Anyway, seeing how well it cleaned up made me wanna tinker a bit...so i did. I ordered some parts, and found some good deals.
I got a lot done today...
This morning:



What I did:
New water pump, new Koni reds, i cut the springs (i know i know), removed the bumpers, painted the wheels black, painted the grill emblem black, installed my roof rack, and filled her up!
i wanted it to be lower...i'll have to go at the front springs again. they sit a little higher than the rears right now, but thats another day...oh well.
it took the better part of my day and i had fun doing most of it. And I was surprised how well it rides. Its actually much smoother than before. My front struts were pretty shot. So I'm happy

Comments and criticisms welcome http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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