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what do I need to build a turbo?

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if you were on a budget, what parts could you get to build a turbo? this could include stuff from a junkyard, low boost so you wouldnt have to crack open the engine. something similiar to matrix's stage one kit but pull the parts together yourself. what would you need?
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Re: what do I need to build a turbo? (Matt1072)

I've been watching these kind of posts alot lately, one of my friends is sort of coaxing me (it will be at least 2 years if I go turbo)
you could start off with some flanges, an exhaust manifold, and some welding rods, then get an exhaust shop to make a downpipe.
you could get a scirocco intake, or use the stock one, I don't know much about this though, maybe someone could explain the easiest way to plumb the piping http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/nabilsx/vwp?.dir=/Turbo+Cordoba/EVO+III&.dnm=New+16VT+engine.jpg&.srch&.view=t&.hires=t

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