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what do I need to build a turbo?

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if you were on a budget, what parts could you get to build a turbo? this could include stuff from a junkyard, low boost so you wouldnt have to crack open the engine. something similiar to matrix's stage one kit but pull the parts together yourself. what would you need?
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Re: what do I need to build a turbo? (88Jetta)

quote:[HR][/HR]you could get a scirocco intake, or use the stock one, I don't know much about this though, maybe someone could explain the easiest way to plumb the piping[HR][/HR]​
I chose to use the Scirocco intake manifold. It seemed like there was no way around the fact that I was gonna lot of piping with the 16v, so it might as well be clean. I'm mounting the turbo so the compressor is on the passenger side and the hotside is on the driver side. This is so the turbo can suck directly from my CIS-E airbox. From there the turbo will push the air to the front of the car on the passenger side, through the intercooler (mounted somewhere in the front), and back to the driver side throttle body.
I felt that using the Golf intake manifold would be unsightly and/or impractical. I didn't like the idea of the compressed air running from the compressor, parallel to the firewall to the driver side (like the Cordoba), then to the front of the car through the intercooler and back on the passenger side. I don't like the idea of boost tubes sitting right above the exhaust manifold. It's just not necessary
The other way with the Golf manifold is to come from the turbo on the passenger side to the intercooler in the front, then back on the passenger side to the throttle body. Leaving ALL your boost tubes on the passenger side. Trying to fit three pipes between the engine and strut tower, over the engine, under the engine, etc. isn't my cup of tea.
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Re: what do I need to build a turbo? (vdubturbo)

quote:[HR][/HR]If you're not going to run an intercooler, however, the Golf 16v manifold works nicely b/c there is only a 6inch run from the compressor to the throttle body. Just a Thought...
Yes, absolutely! I forgot to mention that because I am planning on having a front mount. But for low boost, it's not necessary I guess.
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