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What else to get door card off?

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i got out the screws around the edge and the speaker and the door lock pin but it seems to be stuck in the middle by the power window button
what else tdo i need to do to get this thing off? thanks
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Re: What else to get door card off? (SpdRacrGTiVR6)

The plastic cover over the door pull handle needs to be pulled off. Behind it there are two philliips head screws.
Re: What else to get door card off? (vwtechnician)

yup. get those two big screws outta there then your cool. I was actuually rather amazed at how well designed the door panels were. Most vehicle I end up breaking the clips because they use stupid little plastic ones. I think its a conspiracy between the car manufacturers and the company that makes the clips. The make them so they break and you have to buy new ones.
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Re: What else to get door card off? (SoCo4Fun)

i tried to pull off the door handles with a flathead but it seemed it wasnt going anywhere was puting a good amount of presure on it too
i saw what i thought was a clip toward the front of the handle infront of the power window switch but then i didnt see anywhere else to pull it out from....like there wasnt any play to give a hint on where to pull anyone tell me at what points to pull from? thanks again
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