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What happens when a rear brake rotor breaks

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I made a post about this about a month ago. Here are a few pics

that's a dustshield on the right
I fixed it and then some fool hit me and totaled my car
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Re: What happens when a rear brake rotor breaks (resistor)

Nothing siezed. Everything was new and put on in April. Just felt some shaking from the back. Thought my lugbolts were lose or something. Got out and tightened them and decided to drive back slowly. About 3 minutes later WHAM! and saw stuff bouncing behind us. It gouged my tire and bent my wheel also. Everyond Ive talked to seems to think it was just a defect. Adirondack was really cool and replaced a lot of stuff. They are really good guys.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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