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Re: what is a 88-92 gti with pf engine (ineedavrcorrado)

if we are talking about GTI's im pretty sure the earlier ones didnt have a dual downpipe, but i could be wrong, either way if its the gasket from the exhaust mani to the head it will be the same for any 8v.

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Re: what is a 88-92 gti with pf engine (WhiteG60)

Quote, originally posted by WhiteG60 »
All 1.8 8v gaskets are the same. No difference. If its a 16v... don't ask me.

not true... the difference is that either the PF or the RV is the dual downpipe motor, I forget which.
The difference:
The single downpipe set:
Doughnut (manifold/downpipe), C-clamps
45mm sealing ring for cat
The dual outlet setup comes with:
Flat gasket (manifold/downpipe), copper nuts
50mm seal for cat
The 4 little gaskets that go between the manifold and the head are the same for either 8v manifold
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