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what is a "karmann" scirocco?

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I noticed the badging on my car and it looks factory? is that just a model that came out?
its an 87 if that makes a diffrence..
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Re: what is a "karmann" scirocco? (StinkyFatPig)

Karmann built the bodies for the Sciroccos, I think.
i had a feeling of that..
why do alot of the cars i see not have the badging? or is that just cause someone put it on at some time?
Re: what is a "karmann" scirocco? (StinkyFatPig)

Karmann Coachwerks made quite a few vw models/bodies, like the Ghia, Cabriolet, Scirocco, and the Corrado.
Re: what is a "karmann" scirocco? (GeoffVR6)

...what Geoff said http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Karmann stuff was all handmade in Germany, correct?
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Re: what is a "karmann" scirocco? (StinkyFatPig)

Every Scirocco is a "Karmann" Scirocco. I'm not sure if all came with the "Karmann" badges, but I know most 8v's did.
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